Sunday, January 20, 2013

The first 24 hours!

Alright everybody, it's official.  I've been smoke- free for 24 hours! It feels pretty awesome, plus I'm definately proving a point to my boyfriend now.  He doesn't believe I can quit smoking due to the fact I've been smoking since I met him.  However, I have some really supportive co-workers, and some not so supportive co-workers.  But it's whatever, I'm willing to quit for a legit reason.  I even came home yesterday and cleaned my car out and sprayed it down, you can't even tell I smoked in there now!  However, I believe withdrawal is kicking in, I'm really not 100% sure.  I'm just super irritated right now, possibly from the stress at work then to get stuck behind someone with their turn signal on for 5 do you not know your turn signal is on for that long?  And even better why would it stay on for that long?  I'm just getting myself worked up talking about it!  Not to mention the lovely mess of broken Christmas ornaments that my dogs got into while I was at work, broken glass everywhere, and the dogs are fine no one got hurt. 
Also, since I've started this diet, I lost 12 pounds but now I ended up gaining 3 pounds back. I'm not happy about this at all!!!  I need tips and suggestions (for quitting smoking and my 1200 calorie diet, and yes I am going to the gym.)

On a positive note, I went shopping with my mother on Thursday and found some awesome stuff.  For example a Wilton Spritz cookie press.  I used to have one when I was younger and had the spritz cookie recipe memorized, kid you not. I got this bad boy for $13, it comes with 16 pattern disks, can't beat that.  I also found a pair of WV mountaineer yoga pants for $15 which is rather exciting for me.

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