Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dun, dun, dun...

Good morning everybody, happy Sunday!
I have some great news...I'm 1 pound away from my halfway point in my weight loss!!! Yes things like that really do excite me, hence me jumping up and down after I weighed myself at the gym last night.
Anywho,  I also have some bad news.  My computer magically broke. Not the type of break where it's in pieces, the type of break where no matter how many times I open Internet explorer, it won't. It's just not having it today, therefore I'm posting this off my phone. Perhaps it's a sign for me to finish up my coffee and get to the gym, I'm not sure.
On another note, It's also been 8 days since I quit smoking and do I ever feel good!  It's not even about "proving a point" anymore, I'm now doing it for myself.

Just wanted to share some other great things with you guys:  after I went to the gym yesterday I decided to stop by Kohls and Target, I mean how could you not?  So while at kohls I found a pair of leggings for $3 that were originally $12!  I also invested in socks for my boyfriends daughter, 14 pairs for $3.60!  And a new pair of running shoes (Adidas) for $33 originally $70. I believe all of this is karma since I found someone's phone while shopping at kohls and handed it in.

Well, off to the gym! Have a great week everybody!

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