Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's that time of the year

Ya know, the post-holiday season, valentines, income taxes.  That fun stuff, not!  I actually decided to go get my taxes done "early" this year, rather than wait until the last minute as usual.  Anyways, I'm getting the normal amount back as always... even with buying a house this year has not helped and apparently will not help until next year. :(

Anyways, I was at walmart finishing up my taxes after I went to the gym and I was feeling rather hungry, which I'm not sure why after I all but crashed my diet at lunch time with grands biscuts filled with turkey burger and cheese (it was really the biscuits that did it!).  Anywho,  I decided i'd get a premade salad, something easy, nope of course they did not have in my desperate time of need.  So I checked out the frozen section...yeah I was that desperate!  I found some "lean pockets" with a pretzel crust, how could you turn that down? Plus they were filled with bbq chicken.  So I finally get home and microwave it, I was practically drooling from the smell of it, the taste not so much.  How in the heck did they get something so bland to smell sooooooooooooo amazing...the house still smells of it!

I seriously cannot wait to get off this diet...or at least expand my horizons of food.  Spinach and boiled chicken just aren't cutting it anymore.  I could really use a nice brownie or something super fat right now...or at least something that tastes like it'd be super fattening.   However I've never felt better or more in shape than I do now.  And on Saturday I will offically be 14 days without a cigarette!!! :)  Even better news, I only have 13 lbs. to lose until I'm at my goal weight!!  This week hasn't turned out to be too bad, so far, I still have to make it past the weekend.   Which by the way I filled out a job application last night for a facility literally 5 minutes away from my house rather than 30 minutes away.  Keep your fingers crossed that I get a job offer! I will be calling tomorrow afternoon to make sure they recieved my application.

I've got some frozen yogurt popsicles calling my name :)

Have a great weekend everybody!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dun, dun, dun...

Good morning everybody, happy Sunday!
I have some great news...I'm 1 pound away from my halfway point in my weight loss!!! Yes things like that really do excite me, hence me jumping up and down after I weighed myself at the gym last night.
Anywho,  I also have some bad news.  My computer magically broke. Not the type of break where it's in pieces, the type of break where no matter how many times I open Internet explorer, it won't. It's just not having it today, therefore I'm posting this off my phone. Perhaps it's a sign for me to finish up my coffee and get to the gym, I'm not sure.
On another note, It's also been 8 days since I quit smoking and do I ever feel good!  It's not even about "proving a point" anymore, I'm now doing it for myself.

Just wanted to share some other great things with you guys:  after I went to the gym yesterday I decided to stop by Kohls and Target, I mean how could you not?  So while at kohls I found a pair of leggings for $3 that were originally $12!  I also invested in socks for my boyfriends daughter, 14 pairs for $3.60!  And a new pair of running shoes (Adidas) for $33 originally $70. I believe all of this is karma since I found someone's phone while shopping at kohls and handed it in.

Well, off to the gym! Have a great week everybody!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The first 24 hours!

Alright everybody, it's official.  I've been smoke- free for 24 hours! It feels pretty awesome, plus I'm definately proving a point to my boyfriend now.  He doesn't believe I can quit smoking due to the fact I've been smoking since I met him.  However, I have some really supportive co-workers, and some not so supportive co-workers.  But it's whatever, I'm willing to quit for a legit reason.  I even came home yesterday and cleaned my car out and sprayed it down, you can't even tell I smoked in there now!  However, I believe withdrawal is kicking in, I'm really not 100% sure.  I'm just super irritated right now, possibly from the stress at work then to get stuck behind someone with their turn signal on for 5 do you not know your turn signal is on for that long?  And even better why would it stay on for that long?  I'm just getting myself worked up talking about it!  Not to mention the lovely mess of broken Christmas ornaments that my dogs got into while I was at work, broken glass everywhere, and the dogs are fine no one got hurt. 
Also, since I've started this diet, I lost 12 pounds but now I ended up gaining 3 pounds back. I'm not happy about this at all!!!  I need tips and suggestions (for quitting smoking and my 1200 calorie diet, and yes I am going to the gym.)

On a positive note, I went shopping with my mother on Thursday and found some awesome stuff.  For example a Wilton Spritz cookie press.  I used to have one when I was younger and had the spritz cookie recipe memorized, kid you not. I got this bad boy for $13, it comes with 16 pattern disks, can't beat that.  I also found a pair of WV mountaineer yoga pants for $15 which is rather exciting for me.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


It's been sooooo long since i've been on here, with the holidays and all.  Not to mention my work schedule changed and all that good stuff.  Anyways, I hope everyone had a good holiday and could hold their liquor (unlike myself)...
Just wanted to share an awesome story with you guys.  It all began the day after Christmas, you know when Bath and Body Works has their Semi-Annual sale, yeah. So I took my boyfriend to work at the mall and hung out with him until the mall actually opened at 8 am.  Keep in mind it was flurrying when we arrived at the mall.  So I probably spent 2 hours at the mall shopping, because I've been on this mission for a new pair of boots, not snow boots, just regular ol' the other 6 pair I have.   I was very unsuccessful with the boots but got all but a new wardrobe for under $100.   So I leave the mall, which is about 45 minutes away from our house, but as I was cleaning the snow off my car I was thinking how grateful I was that I wore my cowgirl boots and not moccasins.  So I'm on the interstate, which hasn't even been touched by a plow, yeah going 40 mph on the interstate instead of 65 mph, it was rough but with being in a car that absolutely sucks in the snow, I wasn't pushing it. After all slow and steady wins the race, apparently.  So I stop at Kohl's on my way home because well, I'm already out in this weather might as well get some great savings on a pair of boots.  Total success at Kohl's, I got a pair of biker looking boots and a few shirts for like....$40 or so. So I leave Kohl's and of course the roads still aren't plowed, at this point I'm thinking they got lost or something...  So silly ol' me takes the fastest route home...the back roads.  Of course my car got stuck on a hill and 15 cars passed by as I sat there bawling like a big baby.   Finally 15 minutes went by and I'm still trying to get up this hill, definately not working.  All of a sudden I see a white pick up truck pull over, get out and walk up to me (keep in mind i'm still bawling like a baby). The guy asks if I mind if he tries to get my car up the hill, of course not, it's not like he's going to get anywhere if he tried to steal it. Then another guy gets out of his SUV from behind me and helps push.  Well these 2 fine gentlemen didn't have much luck with my car, but I give them kuddos for trying.  Luckily the one guy was going in my direction and offered me a ride home.  Yes, scary but I had my boyfriend on the phone the whole time and made it home safely.  It just makes me really happy to know there are people out there who are willing to help.

And so the wonderful "New Years resolution" began...losing weight and excercising.  So far I've lost 9 pounds, and my boyfriend....20.  What the heck?! This is not even fair!  And of course I've been sick with god knows what for the past week, even the dr. can't figure out whats wrong with me.  Guess I'll just have to wait it out, or sweat it out at the gym.  What's your New years resolution?

How's everyones weekend going?  This is actually my first weekend off in months!  And it was a 3 day weekend thanks to my dr. visit who made me stay home on Friday, can't complain!  Not to mention yesterday it was 60 degrees out, I actually got to turn the heat off and open the windows, in Janurary!  I actually just turned the heat on an hour or so ago, considering it's not going to be warm at all today, just rainy :(

I  have this plan now. After I get off this low calorie diet (i'm only allowed 1260 calories a day), which I thought would be hard but it's really not to bad, it's just getting my butt to the gym is the problem. Anyways, after this diet is over and I'm at my "goal weight" (130 lbs, rather than 159 lbs) I'm going to attempt to do a little something like "Julie and Julia", I mean it could potentially be fun, right?  First things first though, the oven needs fixed...still. Or we just need to invest in a new one, which would probably work out for the better.