Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Post- Superbowl

Hello readers, fellow bloggers, etc.  How is everyone doing today?  Me? I'm in need of a nice long workout at the gym...I have super bowl belly and i'm not digging it, at all. 

However, judging by the 3 "ripe" bananas (as my grandma would call them, i'd call them rotten), I've been looking for a low cal banana bread recipe, and I found one!  Therefore after I hit the gym (very shortly) I will be stopping by the store for unsweetened applesauce and whole wheat flour to give this banana bread a try.  It's only 100 cals per a slice and one loaf is 10 servings.   I'm excited and scared at the same time considering the first and last time I attempted to make banana bread it turned out hard as a rock.  The boyfriends grandmother tells me I stirred it too long... I think it's because I didn't go exactly by the recipe and skipped ahead like I knew what I was doing.  Either way I will be attempting banana bread once again.  I shall let everyone know how it turns out and post pictures/recipe for it!

Have a great Tuesday :)

p.s. what are you guys doing today?  It's finally my day off work and I'm awake early and sitting here on stumbleupon.  And theres currently a dusting of snow on the ground.

AND!!!! it's offically been 17 days since I quit smoking :D

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