Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's that time of the year

Ya know, the post-holiday season, valentines, income taxes.  That fun stuff, not!  I actually decided to go get my taxes done "early" this year, rather than wait until the last minute as usual.  Anyways, I'm getting the normal amount back as always... even with buying a house this year has not helped and apparently will not help until next year. :(

Anyways, I was at walmart finishing up my taxes after I went to the gym and I was feeling rather hungry, which I'm not sure why after I all but crashed my diet at lunch time with grands biscuts filled with turkey burger and cheese (it was really the biscuits that did it!).  Anywho,  I decided i'd get a premade salad, something easy, nope of course they did not have in my desperate time of need.  So I checked out the frozen section...yeah I was that desperate!  I found some "lean pockets" with a pretzel crust, how could you turn that down? Plus they were filled with bbq chicken.  So I finally get home and microwave it, I was practically drooling from the smell of it, the taste not so much.  How in the heck did they get something so bland to smell sooooooooooooo amazing...the house still smells of it!

I seriously cannot wait to get off this diet...or at least expand my horizons of food.  Spinach and boiled chicken just aren't cutting it anymore.  I could really use a nice brownie or something super fat right now...or at least something that tastes like it'd be super fattening.   However I've never felt better or more in shape than I do now.  And on Saturday I will offically be 14 days without a cigarette!!! :)  Even better news, I only have 13 lbs. to lose until I'm at my goal weight!!  This week hasn't turned out to be too bad, so far, I still have to make it past the weekend.   Which by the way I filled out a job application last night for a facility literally 5 minutes away from my house rather than 30 minutes away.  Keep your fingers crossed that I get a job offer! I will be calling tomorrow afternoon to make sure they recieved my application.

I've got some frozen yogurt popsicles calling my name :)

Have a great weekend everybody!

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